Digital Brand Audit: Analytics & Optimization

Why Your Site is Not Working ? Why Visitors Are Clicking Away ? Invest in what you know Analytics drivers the ROI Strong ROI is what your company is looking for- 786 Marketing Group helps you to get this goal by high search engine rankings, result oriented conversion, compelling paid-search advertising and improving it with web analytics & optimization. This way you can not only increase your site profitability but you also make it more attractive.

There are so many analytics software that can be integrated with your website but it is hardly possible that you can get the meaningful information out of this. Here is the need come for web analytics consultants come into play.

786 Marketing Group deliver world class Brand Audit services with web analytics and conversion optimization. 7M focus on Google web analytics (and your web analytics software) to get the dimond (meaningful information) out of stone (raw data).

You can get the answer of you following questions

• Which pages are most popular?
• How many users visited your site?
• Where they satisfied while surfing the site?
• How did they reach your site?
• From which page they are excited
• How many of them filled the forms
• And much more

Through this information you can align your website and improve visitors. This information helps you to craft or re-align the strategy for you website and increase traffic for your website.

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