Social Media Marketing Training in Karachi Pakistan

Social Media Marketing Training in Karachi Pakistan

Industries will automatically build where people show their interests and time. That’s why you can see several online social platforms and other online places which itself become a market place because people are interacting with each other on those social platforms. Time has proved that Social Media Marketing is one of the most advance and interactive way to grow business. Traditional marketing still exists but marketers are focusing on this well advance medium to interact with their target market. Since 2000, this medium has changed its features markedly. Due to its interactivity marketers are attracting towards this medium.Benefits of social media marketing are long lasting and highly in demand.

Who Should Attend?

This training is highly relevant for those who are working in the capacity of: Senior Management| Entrepreneurs| Digital Marketing Manager| People are responsible for developing and implementing strategies| people who want to start their own online business| Web masters| and It Manager and anybody who want to excel in the field of Marketing.

Top most benefit of SMM

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase in traffic of your website
  • Improve website ranking
  • Generating quality leads
  • Course Topics

    We provide you short courses of Social Media Marketing to help your business get successful. The courses include; Online Brand Activation. Best practices for integrated Content marketing and social media. How to optimize social media for search? Measuring social media impact with Google analytics. Online PR and brand reputation. Writing for the Web. How to Prepare Your Brand for Today’s Social, Local & Mobile Marketing Environment ?

    Professional SMM Training

    Course Detail

    Training Duration: 2 Months

    Training Days: 3 days in a week

    Training Format: On Skype or you can come to our office

    Training Fee: PKR.20,000 /-

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